The Venue

Freshwater Beach Holiday Park

The Facilities

Swimming Pool, Bowling, Shop, Bar, Beach

Freshwater Beach Holiday Park, Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 4PT.

Run Jurassic will finish at Freshwater Beach the site of the amazing Freshwater Beach Holiday Park. Finishing on its private beach the park has amazing facilities with an on-site swimming pool, bowling, restaurant, shop, entertainment and much more.

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Saturday’s races start in two other places and these venues are below. Parking is available at Freshwater Holiday Park for those not staying for the weekend and the shuttle service will drop runners off to the start lines at these sites -see transport page for times & details.

The History

The layers of sedimentary rock along the Jurassic Coast can be read like a book.

They reveal the history of Earth across 185 million years and form a near complete record of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Exploring this immense story takes us on a walk-through time across deserts, tropical seas, ancient forests and lush swamps, recorded in rock and laid out along the 95 mile stretch of coast between Exmouth in East Devon and Studland Bay in Dorset. Discover the Highlights of the Jurassic Coast.

It is a site of outstanding international importance for Earth Science. For this reason, the Dorset and East Devon Coast – the Jurassic Coast – was designated as England’s first natural World Heritage Site in 2001.

You can see the Earths Journey here

The Locations

Freshwater Beach

Locations don’t come better than the one you’ll find here for these events. The finish area is situated on a spectacular expanse of beach, on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Enclosed by impressive sandstone cliffs and gentle grassy slopes, the scenery is spectacular.

Durdle Door

One of the Jurassic Coast’s most iconic landscapes. It is a natural arch, formed from a layer of hard limestone standing almost vertically out of the sea. Normally layers of limestone would be horizontal. Only the most fundamental force in geology could have altered these rocks in this way – plate tectonics.

Around 25 million years ago the African tectonic plate collided with the European plate. The huge pressures generated heaved and folded rocks to create the mountain chain we know as the Alps. Ripples from that collision spread north through the Earth’s crust and gently folded the rocks here, in what would become south Dorset and Purbeck.

If you visit Durdle Door, look carefully and you will notice that the layers exposed in the cliffs are tilting steeply to the north.

Osmington Mills

The coastline around Osmington Mills has fossils in the cliffs. The rocks consist of Kimmeridge Clay and the Corallian group from the Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) and have an interesting trace fossil assemblage. To the west are Black Head and beyond that Redcliff Point, with fossils in the Upper Oxford Clay.

To find out more about this heritage site visit our partners site with lots of resources and information available at your finger tips


Our base for the weekend.

The Sights

Just a few of the sights you might see along the route.

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