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We are delighted to have Partnered Jurassic Coast Trust to deliver The Official Jurassic Coast Running Festival.

This page contains all the important information you need to know for your race.

2019 Race Instructions have been emailed out and can be seen here

All Runners- Essential Kit list you must carry:

  • Charged Mobile phone with race HQ number stored to call in if you have any difficulties.
  • Silver Foil Blanket

Other advisable items that may become essential depending on weather forecast.

  • Water
  • Small First aid kit
  • Weather appropriate clothing/suncream/waterproofs



Due to the dangers on the coastline we will be strictly enforcing our cut off times for each distance. These races are tough and a hard Marathon and Ultra so we suggest you do some training off road and on hilly courses if you can.

This won’t be an easy race there will be hills, sand gravel and sections where it’s really windy and being the coast it could hammer down with rain. To be fair its not SAS selection but we want you to finish so our sweepers will be running to 7 hour 30 minute pace for marathon & 8 hours for the Ultra.

  • Ultra 8hrs – 8:00 start, 15 mintue miling, Halfway cut off Noon and Lovestation™ 2.30
  • Marathon 7.5hrs – 8:00 start, 17 minute miling, Halfway cut off 11.30am and Lovestation™ 1.45
  • Half 4hrs – 8:00 start – 4.5 hours cut off
  • 10k 3hrs – 8:30 start – 2.5 hours cut off

If you fail to achieve this then you will be removed from the race for safety reasons.

Water Stations / Aid Stations

Saturday water stations will be evenly placed approx, every 5 miles apart. These stations will have plenty of water at Osmington Mills for Ultra runners then Weymouth, Landing Stage, Abbotbury and Cogden Beach.

Cups will be provided or you can carry your own to fill up at stations. We will have premixed Hi-5 drinks and gels at most aid stations. So, we ask everyone to drink and dispose of the litter at the water station or carry it with you to the next one.

If you have a Camelback or carry a bottle/cup ask the nice marshal to fill your bottle straight from the container.

Anyone caught deliberately littering will be handed to the Nana’s for punishment and then disqualified, we have zero tolerance to rubbish (rant over).

Saturday aid stations will have the usual goodies at goodies at  Wyke Regis, Langton Herring and West Bexington where the Lovestation™ will be. The WSR Lovestation™ will be run by carefully selected mad people to give the boost you need. This year’s Lovestation™ will be sponsored by Piddle Brewery so expect beer onsite.

Now these aid stations are designed for you to get some cake, a sports drink, a gel, jelly babies, there will be cider and a few savoury bits.

Sunday’s water and aid stations are approximately 4 miles apart, with water at 3km, an aid stations at 6 miles for the half runners and the Lovestation™ at 7km for the 10k runners and 10 miles for the half runners.


Toilets are provided at the start and finish locations of all races. There will also be toilets on the race route. So no weeing in a hedge……toilets are at Weymouth Esplanade, Abbotsbury Beach and West Bexington for Saturday’s routes. Sunday runners have toilets at West Bay and Seatown.


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Race Numbers

Saturday’s race numbers will be sent out in advance in the post so please make sure your address details are up to date. Sunday’s race numbers will be collected from race admin over the weekend.

On the back of your number is an area to fill out with your details please fill this in, write an ICE number. In Case of Emergency. This will help us and you. If you are kidnapped by locals or pass out at the sheer joy of the race we need to get you help as quickly as possible.

We recommend that you carry a fully charged mobile phone for emergency use with race HQ emergency number stored.

The HQ Emergency Number 07930 335746

If you need to drop out of the race at anytime we will try and get you as quickly as possible and you are never far from medical help or aid. We will have vehicles and ambulances on standby to come and get you if need be.

If you do drop out please, please return your number to admin. We then know that you are safe and we do not have to send out search parties.

If you drop out at a marshal point, aid or water station give your details to the lead marshal.

How to wear your race number

Race numbers should be on the front of your shirt, not the back. You can use safety pins or event clips on all four corners of the bib to keep it in place.

It’s important to wear your bib to let race officials know your part of the race. The number has your timing chip built into it so make sure your number is clearly visible, not reduced in size or folded and facing forward.

If you have it under layers make sure it’s not bent or covered with clothing or a running belt when you come across the finish line otherwise mats may not pick it up and record your time.

Runners Information 2

Deadlines for Transfers and Deferrals

4th September at 5pm will be the deadline to defer from the race or transfer your place to another runner.

After this time numbers will all be prepared for the races.


All runner will receive a goody bag and quality uniquely minted race medal. You get this if you complete the race.

No finish no medal, no goody bag, no regrets, no tears, goodbye.


We have post race massage onsite for both races there is a small fee but after running those miles you will probably need it.

More details to come so watch this space.


If your luckily enough to be in the top 3 for your gender in any of the races then you’ll receive a special prize.


Race photos are expensive, so we have our own photographers and make photos available to you, free, on our own race Facebook page, there will be a selection of the best photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Please share on Facebook in an open folder (little globe pic)

This means any photos you or your supporters or fan club take can be shared too. Our pet photographers Bertie (don’t touch the beard) will be on site we hope to snap you looking your best, before, during and after the race.

Our photographers will be around the course taking snaps and will be at the finish should you wish to have a photo with friends and family. These snaps will then be uploaded in due course to the Flickr page and to Facebook. By entering the race you are giving your permission to have your photo taken and placed on Flickr.

If there is a pic you object (didn’t get your right side, your bum looked too big etc.) please contact us and we will remove it. (Please note you must highlight the said photo we won’t root through all the pics looking for it)

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The Views

From Durdle Door to the cliffs made famous by Broadchurch at West Bay. The Jurassic coast is the beautiful backdrop to these races. 

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The Sights

Just a few of the sights you might see along the route.

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In Association With

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White Star Running

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07722 919810

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White Star Clothing

We now sell our own running gear on-line as well as at events.

A range of technical shirts and vest, race and casual wear plus a bit of kit and kaboodle. All with that unique White Star Style.

Check out - Whitestarclothing